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Narrative Healing: Unlock the Power of Storytelling

I am the creator and moderator of this annual trailblazing program at Kripalu, the largest retreat center in the world.

For caregivers, doctors, nurses, yoga teachers, writers, and anyone interested in personal narrative as a healing path to recovery.

Narrative Healing is a full-body, full-spirit immersion in a growing community of literary lions, innovative medical practitioners, spiritual leaders, and yoga teachers committed to unlocking the power of storytelling on the path toward healing.

Come explore the tools of narrative medicine through morning talks, afternoon writing clusters, and many opportunities to practice yoga, work in groups, and contemplate in nature. You can expect

  • A transformative experience for individuals on their own healing path

  • Reflective and creative writing practices

  • Listening and communication exercises

  • Meditation, breathing, and yoga for self-care

  • Cutting-edge research, empirical data in narrative medicine, and access to leading experts in the field

  • Basic knowledge of the publishing process and access to prominent publishing professionals

  • Meaningful networking opportunities for ongoing community building.

Unlock your voice, amplify your creative potential, and unleash your healing power in this unique program.

Presenters include: Emmy Award–winning writer Suleika Jaouad, Jillian Pransky, Ashley C. Ford, Ethan Nichtern, Nelly Herman, Ruthie Lindsey, Jamia Wilson and Leah Bonvissuto.

Registration now open!