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Narrative Healing: Poetry as Integrative Medicine

Narrative Healing: Poetry as Integrative Medicine

The right words, in the right order, can be medicine. For millennia, humans have sung, chanted, and conveyed stories in verse to heal, make meaning, grow stronger, and prevail. In this program, Lisa Weinert and Holly Wren Spaulding offer a full-body, full-spirit approach to working with poetry. All are welcome, from readers and writers, to healers, caregivers, teachers, spiritual leaders, and anyone else wanting to integrate poetry into their personal or professional practice.

• A holistic approach to poetry
• Gentle yoga and meditation practices
• Improvisational writing exercises

Together, you read and discuss a selection of poems that illuminate the healing properties of poetry—from the way it can help bring order to chaos, enact transformation, or provide proof that others have survived, and so can you. You also explore gentle yoga and meditation practices alongside improvisational writing exercises to generate some of your own language, which may lead in the direction of a poem, letter, prayer, or vision. This is a writing program, so bring your pen and notebook and an open heart.

For everyone!

Earlier Event: September 28
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