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Narrative Healing

Uncover the healing power of your story, express your authentic voice, and find connection with this somatic guide to writing and creativity. 

Lisa Weinert’s work is based on the premise that we hold our stories in our bodies. The extent that we learn how to release them affects how we perceive and approach our lives – but what if we don’t have the tools to understand our narrative outside of what’s been told to us?  What if we don’t have access to our own story due to trauma? What if we are unable to share our truth with the world? In Narrative Healing, she empowers readers to identify, understand and tap into the healing power of their stories. The premise here is simple: our stories have a healing purpose and are meant to be shared.  As we are able to better know our own stories, we are better able to take in the humanity of those around us.

Following her own personal healing journey, Lisa draws upon twenty years of experience to offer a new paradigm for personal growth, self-care and community action through an embodied writing practice. Combining somatic practices, creative prompts, and mindfulness exercises, Lisa guides you through the six steps of healing through storytelling: awaken, listen, express, inspire, connect, and grow. Incorporating creativity as a core part of the process, Narrative Healing provides writers and non-writers a comforting yet equally empowering process to find a path to themselves and find deep connection with the world around them.

The premise here is simple: our stories have a healing purpose and are meant to be shared.  As we are able to better know our own stories, we are better able to take in the humanity of those around us.

Praise for Narrative Healing

Narrative Healing Book Cover
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This groundbreaking program shifts our perspective on healing and enables us to progress toward a path of complete well-being and show up as our best selves. At a time when our culture is deeply divided and suffering from complex trauma, Narrative Healing is a program for connection for everybody.”
— Jamia Wilson
Bestselling author of Young, Gifted and Black
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Lisa Weinert is a gifted word doula, helping us access healing through the power of storytelling. Narrative Healing is the book we need right now to foster connection and help heal our collective wounds.”
— Shelly Tygielski
Founder of Pandemic of Love, author of Sit Down to Rise Up
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Lisa Weinert gives us a timely reminder that a writer is a body and not just an intellect. Somatic practices and writing prompts combine to resource the nervous system and release hidden stories. Whether you want to write your way to healing or open yourself to deeper and more authentic writing, this book is a must-read.”
— Resmaa Menakem
New York Times bestselling author of My Grandmother's Hands
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Lisa Weinert’s generous spirit as a truth-seeker shines through the pages of Narrative Healing. This book is an invitation to grow and awaken your creative voice.”
— Jenny Jackson
New York Times bestselling author of Pineapple Street
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Full of exercises accessible to any person with a body and a mind, Lisa Weinert's Narrative Healing is sure to help many people on their path to wellness. Lisa reminds us that there is no separation between body and mind, and that if we want to heal either one, we need to work with both.”
— Nellie Hermann
Creative Director at the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University
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Drawing on trauma research and years of experience, Weinert's approach to writing as a method for healing is both powerful and essential. Narrative Healing is destined to become a classic text in the mental health arena and beyond, offering a vital resource for anyone seeking to improve their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.”
— Amanda Stern
Author of Little Panic: Dispatches from An Anxious Life
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Lisa encourages us, as artists of any medium, to look inside and pull inspiration from our own experiences. We each have a story to share, and these prompts and embodied practices are creative gold for all artists.”
— Jessica Dimmock
Emmy Award-Winning Director
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No matter your role professionally, this book will transform your ability to communicate and inspire. Thoughtfully written with insight and compassion, Lisa Weinert’s Narrative Healing offers a roadmap to healing and leading in a post-pandemic world where empathy and resilience are the keys to business, creative and personal success.”
— Susan McPherson
Author of The Lost Art of Connecting: The Gather, Ask, Do Method for Building Meaningful Business Relationships
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Narrative Healing is a writing guide like no other. Lisa Weinert offers yoga, visualization, meditation, and other exercises as well as storytelling prompts to help readers establish an embodied writing practice. I’ll be recommending this book to my colleagues in healthcare.”
— Suzanne Koven, MD, MFA
Writer-in-Residence, Massachusetts General Hospital and author of Letter to a Young Female Physician
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I highly recommend Narrative Healing to anyone looking to tap into their creativity and find healing through the power of storytelling. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to bring their story to the world and find healing in the process.”
— Justin Michael Williams
Author of Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us
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Narrative Healing is an invitation to write your resistance into recovery and possibility. Lisa Weinert’s guidance inspires and catalyzes an inner wisdom that cuts deeper than words. It is an embodied journey back to the self.”
— Kerri Kelly
Author of American Detox
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Profound, inspiring, and accessible, the life-changing therapeutic principles of Narrative Healing are essential for anyone on a path of growth, personal healing and our collective-healing. Like a loving-friend, Lisa Weinert confidently and compassionately guides us through the process of holding space for ourselves, and listening deeply, so we can feel safe enough to greet, care for, and free not only our stories, but limiting beliefs, identities and traumas that are diminishing our health and the ability to feel connected and at ease in our bodies and lives. Narrative Healing is a path of liberation for all of us.”
— Jillian Pransky
Author of Deep Listening
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Lisa Weinert teaches that storytelling is a basic right. Narrative Healing is a call to action for all of us to reach inside and ignite the power of our authentic voice in pursuit of our collective healing.”
— Nicole Cardoza
Founder of Reclamation Ventures, creator of Anti Racism Daily, and author of Mindful Moves
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A Godsend to professionals reeling from the upheavals that have hit the workplace and our lives since 2020, and how releasing our stories unleashes its healing virtues and deepens our sense of social connectedness.”
— Kennedy Ihesie
Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion at AIG
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Lisa Weinert's experience with writing coupled with her dedicated practice in multiple movement modalities, has given her a unique lens in birthing the work of Narrative Healing. This is a must-read for anyone on a healing path or looking to actualize their true calling.”
— Karla Misjan
Movement Instructor and Manager of Experience at The Class

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