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You have a burning desire to write and share your story. Whether it’s a personal journey that changed your life, a cause you’re passionate about, or a manuscript quietly gathering dust in your drawer, your story is waiting to be told. You might be new to writing or have been at it for years, but one thing is for sure, writing a book has always been a dream of yours. I understand how daunting starting this journey can be, let’s begin together. 

Lisa Weinert Book Coaching
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I get more accomplished in a single coaching session with Lisa, than I have in years of working on my own. She is a writer's champion, both on and off the page.
Lisa is the best book doula any writer could ask for. With loving kindness and profound expertise, Lisa helped me tease out the tendrils of my story and weave them into a richly well thought out tapestry. I'd been working on my project for years alone creating good material but getting lost in the weeds time and time again. Thanks to Lisa, I'm meeting my deadlines and getting it done....finally. Lisa is a visionary, empowering editor who works with positive feedback only to help you create, edit, publish and publicize your work. Her holistic approach infuses writing with somatic practices that actually make the process soothing, fun and revelatory. I get more accomplished in a single coaching session with Lisa, than I have in years of working on my own. She is a writer's champion, both on and off the page. We are so lucky to have her!
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Tell me does this sound familiar?

To chase your writing objectives you have:

Lisa Weinert Writing

It’s not your fault.

You simply haven’t come across the solution that enables you to uncover the story that propels both you and your story forward. 

Introducing a new paradigm for book coaching:

My holistic approach considers your entire vision for your work, along with the realities of your life, to craft a customized path forward that empowers you to achieve your creative objectives. 

The Methodology

I look at the whole life of the writer, not just what is on the page, and together we curate a path forward to meet creative goals from a holistic perspective. My goal is to empower you with practical tools to connect with the story within and share it in the world, while keeping your creative process at the center of your experience. 

Phase 1

Awaken Your Voice

Discovering your voice on the page is the most important place to start, especially for new writers. Here we outline what you want to say and how you will say it through a blend of creative prompts and mindfulness-based practices.

Phase 2

Your Book as a Start Up

Master the business of being a writer. Explore the marketplace and literary landscape, and craft your book’s structure based on what readers and publishers are looking for. 

Phase 3

Write with Accountability & Support

Write! Embark on your writing journey with supportive custom prompts, developmental edits, accountability, bi-weekly meetings, and review and bring your book to life.

Phase 4

Design Your Publishing Path

Whether you have a traditional book deal or you want to explore hybrid publishing or self-publish, I will demystify the publishing process, serving as your advocate and guide. With decades of publishing experience, we find the right home for your book. 

Phase 5

Share Your Work & Connect
with Your Reader

This is more than just the book launch. Here we will design your optimal publicity path (social media, events, and more) to empower you to connect with your readers beyond the launch for years to come. 

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Meet Lisa

Lisa Weinert is passionate about the power of storytelling to heal and transform lives. She has worked with dozens of award-winning and bestselling authors and organizations as an editor, publicist, and literary coach, including Dani Shapiro, Mary Gaitskill, Helen Oyeyemi and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Alongside her publishing career, she has been a committed yoga student and teacher, with specialties in restorative, therapeutic and trauma-informed yoga. Her career trajectory includes a decades-long career at Random House and faculty positions at Wesleyan University, The Author’s Guild, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. 

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