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Work with Lisa Weinert

My offerings are rooted in decades of experience in publishing and a commitment to yoga, mindfulness, personal growth and community action. I will meet you where you are in the process and support your creative path to help you meet your goals, while keeping your creative life, purpose and wellbeing at the center of the process. 

Private Coaching Packages

I offer different coaching opportunities designed to make a creative container to nurture your voice and guide your message off the page and into the world. Each package is thoughtfully designed for a particular stage and intention. I have worked with hundreds of writers at every stage of the publishing process, as an editor, publicist, agent and writer. I’ll dip into my toolbox, and create a campaign tailor fit for your creative goals, and lifestyle while keeping your creative life and wellbeing at the center of the process. Please contact me to book a free consultation to learn more.


Private Study, 6 month commitment

If you have a story you are ready to share and you’re ready to devote time and energy into taking the steps to make this dream a reality, this immersive package for you. Our work will focus on developing your voice, and ultimately designing a publishing path, and launch strategy that is perfectly suited for your work, goals and lifestyle. 


Private Study, 3 month commitment

This program is right for you if you are looking for targeted guidance and support in a key area of your writing life. Key turning points include: developing your voice and book concept; turning an idea into a proposal, finding the right publishing path and designing a launch strategy. This package will zero in on one of these areas and offer a path forward to execute your ideas and reach your goals. 


Private Study, 1 month commitment

You are looking to deepen your commitment to your writing path and bring your voice into the world. You might be looking to deepen your practice to support self care and personal transformation or take steps towards finding the right publishing path, creating a proposal, or finding your office. In this kick start program, together we’ll take a deep dive into what’s working, and what’s challenging and unlock the key to the next steps on your creative path. 

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Any writer who wants to take their career to the next level and find the right publishing path should work with Lisa. Her course changed the way I see the industry and inspired me to find the right publisher for my book. While I was in this program, I took a leap of faith because I felt supported by Lisa and the other writers, and I sent my manuscript to one of my dream publishers, McGraw-Hill. A few weeks later, they offered me a book deal. I became an author while taking this course. I am forever grateful!”
— Melissa Alvarez
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Lisa’s genius is her multifaceted approach to representing the voice and work of her authors and artists. Working with her has been a dream and an honor.”
— Ethan Nichtern
Author of The Road Home and Buddhist teacher
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Lisa is a powerful yet gentle word doula - she helped me birth my stories and give a voice to my truth. I am indebted to her and her magical abilities to make a writer out of all of us.”
— Shelly Tygielski
Founder of Pandemic of Love, author of Sit Down to Rise Up
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Lisa Weinert has a special gift for weaving mindfulness into all aspects of literary life. I can’t imagine a better guide for anyone looking to deepen their writing practice, navigate the publishing world or make new connections in the field.”
— Suleika Jaouad
Author of Between Two Kingdoms and creator of The Isolation Journals
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Working with Lisa is an inspiration and a joy. Wise and supportive in just the right ways, she's a genius at collaborating in true partnership, bringing years of experience, insider knowledge, and powerful intuition. I can't recommend her highly enough to all who are seeking their authentic path forward.”
— Ann Tashi Slater
Author of upcoming Traveling in Bardo

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