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Hello, I'm Lisa Weinert.

I started Narrative Healing iin 2016 with one goal: to help writers connect with their body, develop a sustainable and healing writing practice, and share their stories with the world in an empowering, impactful and nourishing way. 

I believe there is powerful life-changing medicine in our stories that can heal us personally and as a society. My career journey includes nearly a decade at the Knopf / Doubleday group at Penguin Random House, and faculty positions in the writing programs at Wesleyan University and The Author’s Guild. Over the years, I’ve worked with dozens of award-winning and bestselling authors as a writing coach, editor, and publicist. I am also a yoga teacher certified in restorative, therapeutic and trauma informed yoga. 

Most writing books, journaling courses and creative writing programs begin by putting pen to the page. At Narrative Healing, we begin with the body. Narrative Healing integrates my experience working with authors and teaching trauma informed yoga and mindfulness meditation. We offer a new paradigm for tapping into creativity, healing from trauma and sharing stories in the world. The premise here is simple, as we are better able to know our own stories, we are better able to take in the humanity of those around us. My hope is that if we start to listen to the body when it whispers, we won’t ahve to wait for it to scream to hear what it has to say. And we will thus have the capacity to listen to others too. 

Over the years, Narrative Healing has reached tens of thousands of people across the U.S., at universities, wellness centers, yoga studios, retreats, conferences, museums and writing communities, but we still have much farther to go to open up our community to support and connect writers who are seeking the support, accountability, community and inspiration this community offers.

Our sense of storytelling and community is changing rapidly as so many of our realities shift. However what remains the same is the medically proven truth that writing is a healing practice that offers powerful medicine, and that telling our stories and being heard is the essence of what it means to be human. I’m committed to supporting your writing path and celebrating the practice of writing to connect and heal.

Looking around at our vast changing world, I’m inspired to grow our community and make it as accessible, nimble and helpful as possible. One thing I have learned is that although writing can be a lonely endeavor, we don’t have to do it alone. 

Welcome to our community, I hope it is helpful to you.

With heart,

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