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At a time when our culture is deeply divided and suffering from complex trauma, Narrative Healing is a program for connection for everybody.
— Jamia Wilson
Bestselling author of Young, Gifted and Black

Lisa is an acclaimed writer, teacher and speaker

My offerings are grounded in decades of experience working with writers, and as a trauma informed yoga and meditation teacher. My programs are welcoming and accessible, solution-based, and grounded in a mind-body framework supported by science and research. My talks are interactive and orient towards healing, transformation, empathy and community care. 

Speaking Topics

Lisa’s offerings are rooted in decades of experience in publishing and a commitment to yoga, mindfulness, personal growth and community action. 

Grow Beyond Trauma and Grief: A Practice for Trauma Recovery

Learn an empowering new way to heal from trauma and form deep connections with communities that matter to you. Negative experiences can inspire positive change when we help one another. This inspiring keynote will not only teach you how to use writing as a tool process and heal from trauma and grief, but it will instill in you the tools to take this practice into communities that matter to you to inspire, lead and connect with others on an individual and collective level.  

Rest, Restore & Release: A Practice for Burnout, Stress and Anxiety

As we pick up other people’s stories, whether in the office, in the news or at home, they can weigh us down, cause fatigue, stress, compassion fatigue and burnout. This keynote guides you through a meaningful way to flush through these stories, and release the ones you no longer need. This program teaches you how to create mini-breaks throughout the week to write and reflect. Scientific studies have shown that this kind of writing practice yields meaningful and lasting benefits for your overall health and wellbeing, and can counter some of the harmful effects of burnout and overwork.  

Release Hidden Stories, Unlock Your Authentic Voice

Most of us walk around carrying colonies of silent stories, and we don’t even know it. We unknowingly share these stories with others in the way that we breathe, walk, type, tap and speak. This keynote offers gentle accessible movements, mindfulness practices, and writing prompts to wake up the stories we’re holding in our bodies so we can release their meaning and utilize their true impact. The result is finding your authentic voice in everything you do and say. This may reveal a message of pain, or sorrow, or it may ignite a creative gem or release a secret shame that’s holding you back. We cannot walk through life wholeheartedly and fully unless we release all that we are holding onto, and this keynote offers essential tools to initiate this process of release. 

Listening is Your Superpower

Listening is one of the most undervalued—and necessary—resources at our disposal. Deep listening is the key to cultivating understanding, meaning, trust and connection across diverse cultures, departments, and styles. But as a culture we have forgotten (deliberately or unknowingly) how to cultivate the basic conditions for a listening practice. This engaging keynote offers accessible and powerful mindfulness practices to cultivate the conditions you need to listen. Bring your community to this workshop, and together learn how the best way to uncover your strength as a communicator is to listen to others.  

Your Body is a Source of Creative Inspiration

We live in a culture that tells us our bodies don’t matter, that everything is in our mind, leading us to believe our bodies are somehow separate from our minds. However, science shows us the opposite is true: our minds and our bodies are completely connected. As a creator, your body is your instrument, whether you are writing by hand, typing, tapping, dictating, painting, shooting or sketching. Since our creative inspiration lives in our bodies, if we don’t move, we lose access to huge chunks of creative inspiration. This keynote offers accessible ways to incorporate mindfulness practices and movement into your creative practice, in order to learn how to expand and open up to activate our creativity and receive inspiration. 

Begin with One Person: A Talk to Amplify Your Story One Person at a Time

We live in a culture that focuses on the big picture, go big or go home. We’re rewarded by followers and numbers, rather than genuine intimate connection. But our nervous system needs to feel seen and heard in order for our message to have real impact, and to learn how to share our message in the world, we must have intimate trust with a select few. This keynote teaches ways to seek out, create and rely on one trusted reader. Once you share your truth with someone of your choosing who makes you feel truly heard and held, you will be able to share with countless others. This workshop offers guidelines on how to seek out and find a trusted listener, and how to practice sharing and receiving. 

Trust is a Muscle: Trust Practices to Build Community Connection

Trust is what all belonging and true psychological safety is built upon. However, due to a host of societal, cultural, intergenerational and personal factors, trust isn’t always easily accessible. This custom workshop offers a range of mindfulness practices and writing prompts to deepen your practice of trust. Trust is a teachable practice, and it begins with trusting your own voice. Just like weightlifting, playing the piano, tennis or any other kind of practice, the more you practice trust, the more accessible it will become.  

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Lisa Weinert gives us a timely reminder that a writer is a body and not just an intellect. Somatic practices and writing prompts combine to resource the nervous system and release hidden stories. Whether you want to write your way to healing or open yourself to deeper and more authentic writing, this book is a must-read.
— Resmaa Menakem
New York Times bestselling author of My Grandmother's Hands, The Quaking of America, and Monsters in Love

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