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Whether you’re new to writing or a seasoned writer seeking inspiration, accountability and a supportive writing community, The Narrative Healing Studio is your writing sanctuary. Our weekly live writing Labs class hones your craft, fosters personal practice & supportive community, like a yoga class for writers. 

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Meet Your Teacher

Lisa Weinert (RYT) is the founder and author of NARRATIVE HEALING, a mindfulness approach to storytelling. She is a mindfulness-based book coach for entrepreneurs, leaders and memoir writers. She has taught and lectured on the power of storytelling at institutions such as Wesleyan University, Fortune 500 media companies and Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. 

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A Mind-Body Approach to Writing

Writing can be an isolating practice but you don’t need to do it alone, join our vibrant and supportive community of writers and commit to your writing practice. 

We believe your body can be a source of creative inspiration, and the more connected you are to your own bodily flow and energy, the easier it will be for you to create. Our stories live in our bodies, yet many of them are fast asleep, hiding or frozen due to overwhelm, trauma and the busyness of daily life. They wake up when we move, and unlock stories within that need to be told. Movement and meditation can unlock stories and reveal hidden creative gems. 

Our weekly live forty-five-minute writing “Labs” are infused with a trauma-informed approach, and blend somatic and contemplative practices and creative prompts to bring you into the present moment with the story you yearn to tell and build resilience and joy. In “Labs” we create the conditions you need to be creative and tap into your voice. It offers creative accountability in a safe and supportive space.

“My writing process has been transformed! Lisa Weinert’s Narrative Healing is the potent creative medicine that we all need."
Elizabeth Keenan, Narrative Healing Student

Membership Includes:

Our live classes or writing “Labs” are infused with a trauma-informed approach, and blend somatic and contemplative practices and creative prompts to bring you into the present moment with the story you yearn to tell. Like a weekly yoga class, the benefits grow exponentially as you show up week in and week out. Join us live or practice at your own pace. To learn more about Labs, go here.

So you can practice at your own pace anytime you like, membership includes weekly replays and access to our entire library of classes. We’ll also share relevant readings, resources, and other materials to support your writing practice. 

Learn how mindful movement and somatic exercises can ignite your creative power, and help heal trauma. Narrative Healing because we believe your stores live in your bodies, and will offer accessible mindfulness practices will be incorporated into every Labs class and we’ll also share sequences in the community. 

Providing a supportive environment is our top priority, which is why we offer a private community for our members to offer accountability, share ideas, and inspiration. Our community is off the algorithm and governed by co-created community values that are continually evolving. 

Lisa is available to connect within our community too! Ask her questions as they come up.

We offer Listening Circles, Online courses with Omega and in-person retreats and workshops throughout the year. As a member you will be the first to know, and whenever possible we’ll offer a discount on ticket prices. 

Listening Circles are designed to support your writing goals through the power of supportive, connected and meaningful community.

Join us Anywhere,
Everyone is welcome

No writing experience required. All you need is a desire to write and writing technology. Join us live or choose from our on-demand library of classes to tap into the power of your stories within.   


Fridays at noon Eastern, replays sent out on Sundays at 11. Or join on demand whenever you like from your desktop, phone, tv, or tablet. 

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Featured workshops additional cost.

Featured Workshops

We offer workshops to build on the core Narrative Healing membership. 

Listening Circles

This is workshop series is designed for serious writers looking to share works in progress. Our offering is based on the premise that we grow on what’s working and from positive feedback. This is the place to share work, give and receive positive feedback, and cultivate compassionate listening. Next cohort begins in May. 

Hybrid Online Course with Omega

This 7-week hybrid online workshop is the official online companion to my book and is created in collaboration with Omega Institute. It offers 12 hours of self-paced learning along with a weekly live session and includes interviews with expert teachers and healers. Next Cohort begins Fall 2024. Please sign up to learn when cohorts open for registration. 


& Resources

We are committed to creating a nourishing, safe, and inspiring place to unlock the power of your voice among a vibrant community of writers. No prior writing or movement experience. Please self pace and self adjust. Visit our resources page for more resources and information about writing and trauma. 

When do you meet?

We meet on Zoom on Fridays at noon. 

What else is included in membership?

Membership includes weekly live class, and a replay and practice to your inbox on Sundays, as well as a private community. You will also get a first look at upcoming offerings and 10 % discount on Listening Circles. 

How long is each class?

Forty-five minutes. 

Is it live?


Is there a replay?

Yes, you will receive a replay and practice delivered to your inbox on Sundays at 11 AM. 

Can I arrive late?

You can arrive up to ten minutes late, after that you won’t be admitted to avoid disrupting other people. 

Will there be an opportunity to share work?

No, Labs is devoted to supporting your personal practice in community. If you would like to share work, please check out our Listening Circles

Do you need yoga or meditation experience?

No experience is required, and all are welcome! We will do our best to offer modifications and options with all of our exercises. 

What happens if you don’t like the prompt?

Skip it! There is no benefit to pushing through, you can always write about why you don’t like the prompt or anything else you like. This time is for you. 

How does this type of writing help heal trauma and decrease depression and anxiety?

Narrative Healing is a trauma-informed approach to writing, and studies show this type of writing helps heal trauma and decrease depression, anxiety, and stress. We always recommend working with a trained trauma therapist. If you are working with trauma, check out our resources to learn more. Listen to your body, and be gentle. 

Have more questions?

Shoot us a note, we’re here to support you! 

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