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The benefits of listening have a potent ripple effect in every area of your creative life.

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Listening Circles are designed to support your writing goals through the power of supportive, connected and meaningful community. We welcome anyone with an intention to listen and share wholeheartedly. Our goal is to help people cultivate a rich listening practice that will grow their creative life, on and off the page – to support creative risks and joy!

Our listening circle is committed to practicing the art of compassionate listening. In these 90 minute workshops together we cultivate the conditions we need within our bodies and in the group to support listening. Each participant will have the opportunity to share a piece and receive feedback. 

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Let's talk about listening

Listening is an extension of the nervous system, it’s a reflection of our body being relaxed, at ease and feeling safe, open and receptive. We can create these conditions through mindfulness practices like gentle movement and meditation and also by mirroring each other. Listening and feeling heard is contagious and has lasting ripple effects in our circle, on the page and beyond. 

Your 3 Month Immersion Includes

Hand writing
Lisa Weinert Leading Meditation


Why a listening circle?

The healing power of writing grows exponentially when you share your work with a trusted community. This experience is designed to offer meaningful connections, identification so you may grow creatively. Bringing your work in the world begins by sharing with peers. We’ve seen writers again and again discover ways to publish as a result of this experience but that’s not the goal of this experience. 

Does a Listening Circle offer guidance, or best practices on the business of publishing or pitching work?

No, we do not focus on pitching work, the business of being a writer or publishing. If you are interested in support launching your work into the world, look into our coaching offerings

What kind of feedback can I expect?

Supportive, encouraging, feedback focused on what’s working and how to grow your work.

How do we share work?

All work is shared live in the group. We have a private chat space where writers are free to share pieces, so people have options to read along with the live reading. There is no outside required work. 

How big are the listening circles?

Each circle is limited to six people. 

What is the maximum length piece that can be shared?

1000 words. 

Is the circle private?

Yes, no one in the larger community has access. 

Why do you only offer positive feedback?

We believe that people grow from what’s working, and from positive feedback. We’ve seen over the years again and again, creative projects take flight when fueled by a supportive community and encouraging words. 

Is there outside work?

No, this is a live listening experience, however participants are invited to share their piece in advance of the session so people can read along.
The entire experience is 90 minutes a month, though we have a private community space where you can share ideas, feedback, inspiration and more. 

What genre do you focus on?

We work with all genres! Poetry, memoir, personal essay, fiction etc. All welcome. 

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