Lisa’s genius is her multifaceted approach to representing the voice and work of her authors and artists. She not only sees where you are, she sees where you could go, and how you could benefit many other people in the process. Most importantly, she sees who you are, which is the key to any relationship like this. Working with her has been a dream and an honor.
— Ethan Nichtern, author of The Road Home and Buddhist Teacher
I value Lisa as one of the very best in the business. She is fabulous to work with.
— David Shipler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of ARAB AND JEW.
Lisa Weinert is a joy to work with.
— Mary Gaitskill, author of National Book Award Finalist VERONICA.
I have had the privilege of working with Lisa for five years. Lisa cares deeply about literature and how it can inspire and transform. Publisher and publicist are only surface titles. Lisa is self-made and determined to explore and expand the literary landscape. She is a creator, innovator, lifelong learner, my teacher, and my ‘younger mother.’ She has brought out the best in me as a writer and as a leader.
— Judith Hannan, author of The Write Prescription and Motherhood Exaggerated
Not only does she have a sharp, no-nonsense editorial sense, but also an imaginative, forward-thinking eye for marketing and publicity. She’s smart, strategic, and intensely loyal — great qualities in the work world and even more important in life.
— Josh Neufeld, New York Times bestselling author of A.D. NEW ORLEANS AFTER THE DELUGE.
Lisa Weinert approaches her work with passion, commitment, and tireless devotion. She is fiercely loyal to her authors and is a true visionary in the publishing world.
— Jill Iscol, author of HEARTS ON FIRE.
It’s about time someone invented a new publishing agency to match the transformative publishing moment. And it’s no surprise to me that that someone is Lisa Weinert, who is bright, energetic, entrepreneurial, experienced in old and new media, ambitious, connected, and cares about literature. (Which is why I suspect that her clients will get more than their fair share of its rewards.)
— Victor Navasky, Publisher of THE NATION Magazine.
Lisa wields a double-edged sword of editorial and business savvy, and, above all, knows how, why, and where to make things happen.
— Larry Smith, founder, SMITH Magazine, home of the SIX-WORD-MEMOIR project.
Lisa Weinert is a force of nature. Inventive, energetic, super-smart, articulate, passionate—and someone who truly cares about and richly understands the complex workings of our literary world.
— Bradford Morrow, Pen/Faulkner Finalist and author of THE DIVINER'S TALE.
Lisa Weinert is the most supportive person in the business. Period. She cares so deeply about her authors, and it shows in all she does.
— Julian Tepper, author of BALLS and co-founder of The Oracle Club.
Lisa is a dear friend and literary ally who makes things happen.
— Paul Rome, author of WE ALL SLEEP IN THE SAME ROOM.
Lisa is a special find within the literary world. Without her guidance and expertise I would have never secured the media that I did. She is a trusted advisor and just fantastic!
— Selena Rezvani, author of PUSHBACK.
Lisa Is Breaking New Ground In Narrative Medicine, Bringing Together Literary Writers, Healers And Medical Professionals To Inspire And Empower Writers, Doctors, Patients And Everyone On A Healing Path.
Lisa is dedicated, resourceful, tenacious, and a real strategic thinker. I can’t think of a better person to champion anyone’s work.
— Andrea Colvin, Vice President, Content / Executive Producer at Andrews McMeel Universal.
At a time when the traditional publishing world is being turned upside down, Lisa has the background, savvy and inventiveness to turn market turmoil into market advantage for authors. Lisa Weinert is miles ahead of most everyone else and as they say in Texas, she has no quit in her.
— Peter Cookson, co-author of HEARTS ON FIRE.
Lisa Weinert’s holistic approach to education is life changing in the most fundamental sense. The tools she incorporates from mindfulness and meditation to yoga and restorative practices will change your body inside and out. The ideas she brings together will change your mind. And if you previously thought that the two were separate (mind/body), get ready to see the connection in a whole new way.
— Heather Bryant, Heather Bryant is a writer and teacher