Embody Your Voice

Lisa’s genius is her multifaceted approach to representing the voice and work of her authors and artists. She not only sees where you are, she sees where you could go, and how you could benefit many other people in the process. Most importantly, she sees who you are, which is the key to any relationship like this. Working with her has been a dream and an honor.
— Ethan Nichtern, author of The Dharma of the Princess Bride, The Road Home, One City, Shambhala Buddhist Teacher

My goal is to marry the best practices in traditional publishing with all the new opportunities digital publishing affords while keeping authors at the center of the process. I partner with authors at any stage of development to bring their project to market.

My courses and workshops are designed to combine mindfulness practices with practical publicity and marketing tools, while keeping the creative process at the center experience.

Courses & Workshops

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Coming Soon, Tbd. The Authors Guild Foundation: The Age Of The Storyteller

In collaboration with The Authors Guild Foundation, we present the online course, The Age of the Storyteller. It is a new kind of publishing course rooted in the literary experience and focuses on empowering writers with practical tools to promote their work.

Coming soon

Wesleyan Writer's Conference: Publishing Track

I will be curating the new "Publishing Track" at the Wesleyan Writers Conference and moderating dynamic panels with leaders in the field on topics ranging from "How to Find the Right Publishing Path for your Project," "How to Promote Your Book," and the "Role of New Technology in Storytelling."

Jun 13, 2018 – Jun 17, 2018 · 9:30 AM

Narrative Medicine: A Cutting Edge Approach to Healthcare

I am the curator and moderator of this annual trailblazing program at Kripalu, the largest retreat center in the world. This retreat is a full-body and full-spirit immersion with literary lions, innovative medical practitioners, spiritual leaders, and yoga teachers.

Jul 8, 2018 – Jul 13, 2018 · 9:30 AM

Yoga on Star Island at the International Affairs Conference

I will be teaching yoga and morning stretch classes at the International Affairs Conference on Star Island. My classes will combine a warming flow with strengthening poses to open the heart and mind and deeply rejuvenating restorative poses to inspire profound listening and a fresh perspective. Classes also include deep relaxation, aromatherapy and meditation.

Jul 21, 2018 – Jul 28, 2018 · 10:00 AM


Original interviews with visionary doctors, writers, yogis, and spiritual leaders about the role of storytelling in healing and caregiving.